What is made possible by your donation

The child you sponsor will receive proper school education, which includes supplementary instruction in foreign languages and mathematics. Instruction materials and required school uniforms (Anglican school system) are also funded by your donations.

The child you sponsor will receive adequate medical care. (The children have been in contact with severely contaminated tsunami water, and suffer from various skin diseases.)

Part of your donation will help foster families to purchase food and basic necessities. (In the region, most commercial and craft businesses have been destroyed by the tsunami, so there are no jobs.)

It is one of our major concerns that we can help people to help themselves.

We are funding tools, sewing machines, and repairs of boats and moped taxis so that in the long run, families can again care for themselves.




Monthly food expenditure

— per child












Price in S.L. rupees (LKR)




10 kg of rice

750 LKR





2 packages of milk powder

320 LKR





2 packages of sugar

120 LKR





2 packages of lentils

160 LKR





dry fish

108 LKR





soap, detergent ...

125 LKR





125 LKR





tooth paste

50 LKR





250g of tea

150 LKR






225 LKR






175 LKR





fruits, vegetables

500 LKR






2808 LKR (subtotal)





extras (such as jam, etc.)

200 LKR










3008 LKR (total)


corresponding to 25 €








Brother and sisters do not get all the food at once, but receive their food packages twice a month!