Ich suche einen Paten

Children, waiting for a sponsor....

All of them are the poorest of the poor of this village. These children are very good pupils and deserve a chance to get a better education.

Please, give YOU a child a better future!

Of each child I have more pictures, also of the environment in which they live, their house etc. if you are interested, please contact me at wanzenboeck@3in1.or.at



Sanjwa is born on 1st of august 2003

He lost his mother by the tsunami, his father is taking care of the old grandfather..

Food would help this family very much!



Rashen is born on 12th of April 2003. He has a little brother, Rishan.

The family is very poor because the father has lost his job. Rashen is hearing is very bad, but he isnt deaf and dumb. Having a hearing aid would help him to develop normally.



Sithara is born on 9th of January 2001.

She visits our extra classes. She lives in a tsunami house together with her parents and her brother, the circumstances are very very poor.

Her dad used to be a fisherman, since the tsunami he is handicapped.

As always there isnt any support of the government..



Piumali is born on 4th of August 2000.

She has a brother.

The grandfather lives at the family too.

There isnt either electricity nor water in their accommodation.



Chamodi is born on 14th of June 2000.

The father is a fischerman. The family is very poor. Her sister, sisters husband and child live in the small house as well.

Chamodi has a brother as well.



Dewinda is born on 29th of October 2000.

He has 4 brothers, the circumstances of living are very poorly, there arent either electricity nor water, everything is missing.



Dulakshi is born on 9th of October 2003.

She has two brothers, one of them, Dimoth, is looking for a sponsor as well.

The father used to be a fisherman, but since the Tsunami he is handicapped.

The house, which has been made available to the family, hasnt either water nor electricity.



Dimoth is born on 12th of October 2000.

His sister Dulashi takes part in our program as well.

The whole family lives in the poorest circumstances. The father used to be a fisherman, but since the Tsunami he is handicapped.

There isnt either water nor electricity.



Trimali is born the 10th of April 2000.

She has lost her sponsor and needs support urgently

She has a mattress and blankets. She is visiting our extra classes.

In the tsunami house there is no furniture at all. She is living together with her mother, aunt, grandmother, brother and cousins in this house, there is not even a kitchen, they are cooking avove three stones.

Her dad is casual worker. The family has given all their money to an agent who promised to arrange a job agreement in a foreign country. Both, the agent and the money was never ever seen again. It's very hard to find an employement.



Nadeeka is born on the 14th of June 2000. She has a brother.

The grandmother lives at the family as well.

The father used to be a fisherman and they lost everything by the Tsunami.

Theres no water and no toilette they always have to go to their neighbours.



Ferosa lives with her 4 brothers and sisters and her mother in the poorest circumstances.

Therefore we are looking for a sponsor for her and her brothers and sisters very urgently.